We carefully select premium quality in order to provide the highest caliber products for our designs. Genuine skins that will age with grace. Beautiful, high quality shearling starts with healthy livestock. 

All ANNE VEST shearling comes from well-known, certified sources, where professionals are trained to respect animals. Our coats and bags are made by professionals mastering specific knowledge and skills, which have been passed down from generation to generation. No natural skin is the same, making the assembly process of each product unique.

We believe that it is better to repair rather than replace. We rarely have any returns, however on the occasion that we do, we always try to repair rather than replace. We do this because we are the manufacturers. This results in less wasted materials. 

Lambskin coats and bags have a very long lifecycle and is easy to recycle. Each piece of material is cut and sewn individually. Leftover pieces of material at the end of production is used as material references in our sales materials, used by our whole­sale distribution team. 

Raw materials and animal welfare
Our skins originate from Iceland, Spain and South Africa. They are sourced from as a by-product of the meat industry, an available raw material that would otherwise be disposed of. All animals are raised in large open-air areas, on natural grass. We never source skin from industrial farms. 

Production process
To be as responsible as possible, we only produce based on demand to avoid stock surplus. 


Labour standards
All of our products are made by a LWG member factory, using sustainable controlled raw materials from LWG Audited tanneries. 

Working Leather Group
The objective is to develop/maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable environ­mental practices.

Status overview
All of our products are made in Turkey. We have always worked with the same specialized craftsmen in Istanbul. 


Environmental impact
All tanneries we are working with, are in special industrial zones with their water treatment facility, controlled by city governors and officials of environment protection institute. So, we are sure that these wastewaters are checked and controlled in Turkey and Europe. We only use wood hangers, eco fiber garment bags and recycle boxes for packaging. 

Our workplace
We are taking part in the “Sustainable Living Wage” project of Fair Wear Foundation, which means that our wages are higher than minimum standard wage determined by the state. To ensure that brands (our clients) are asked to support their manufacturers financially.